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Photo Galleries

Photo Galleries
Valentine's Banquet 2010
For Valentine's Day our youth sponsored a Valentine's Banquet.  They worked hard to make it as fun and entertaining as possible.  Spent hours decorating, cooking and practicing before.  Then on the night of the banquet the kids waited tables, gave out hand made valentines, and provided live entertainment. 
The entertainment was wonderful.  They did everything from singing, comedy acts, poems, to reading scriptures about God's love.

How Mr. Stench found Christmas 2009
How Mr. Stench found Christmas was written by Sis. Chrystal York and Sis. Jennifer Rose.  It was a humerous tale of how one man found out the true meaning of Christmas.

Valentine's Banquet 2011

Pastor Appreciation 2010

Fall Festival 2010
Young and old alike had such a blast at our Fall Festival!

Pastor Appreciation 2008
Every year we hold a special service in honor of our pastor, Jeff Osborne, and his family.  We really appreciate all that they do!

Christmas Party 2008
We all had a wonderful time at Bro. Micky and Sis Reba's beautiful home.

Holiness Convention
Around 3000 Youth gathered in Louisville, Ky for a Holiness Convention at the Expo Center.  Our youth were able to participate in the last day of services.  It was a wonderful experience for us all.  We also had the added pleasure of getting to see Bro. Trent Blanton (one of our own) who is currently attending Export Bible College while we were there.  On the way home we had a little adventure.  The tire blew out on the van.  Girls were screaming as we were trying to get off the road as quickly as possible to survey the damage. 

One of the brothers at the convention had instructed all the girls that they shouldn't have anything to do with a lazy man when trying to find their future husband.  Needless to say the boys were very eager to show the girls that they weren't lazy! They worked hard trying to put the spare tire on, only to find that it had a hole in it and it wouldn't hold air!  We ended up driving home v-e-r-y slowly on the blown out tire.  God was certainly watching over us!

Southern Ohio Youth Camp 2009

Potluck - Bro. Jeff's BD- Sept. 5, 2009
We had a potluck to benefit BCS and also to celebrate Bro. Jeff's birthday.  We had wonderful food, a great game of volleyball, and just a wonderful time with our church family.

Rachelle and Trent left for the Full Gospel Bible Institute in August 2008.  Rachelle returned a month later.  She said it was a wonderful experience and that she grew so much in God in such a short length of time, but she felt like God needed her here right now. 

Bro. Trent is still there.  He says it is the best decision he has ever made!  He is growing in God daily. 

2008 Youth Retreat
Sept 26 and 27th we held our 1st annual Youth Retreat in Somerset Ky.

Berea Evangelistic Church sponsered their first annual Southern Kentucky Youth Camp at Dove Camp, in Somerset Ky.  In July "08.  God moved in every service in such a awesome way, that lives have been changed forever!!

Harvest Festival 2008

Bonfire 2007
After youth camp our teens came home fired up, and eager to lay off everything that was holding them back. On July 3, 2007 we had a bonfire at the church were the teens could burn anything that they felt God would be displeased with. We had a wonderful time of fellowship, testimonies, singing, worship, food, and games.

Pastor Appreciation 2007
 What a great pastor we have!! 


Tranquility Youth Camp
Our youth traveled to Seaman, Ohio for a week of Youth Camp! The kids participated in skits, choir and powerful services.

Dulce, New Mexico 2007
In 2005 we traveled to Dulce, New Mexico and helped to build a parsonage/church on an Apache Indian Reservation. The pastor (Bro. Petty) had just taken over the church at that time. Now in 2007 we had the opportunity to return to Dulce, New Mexico and help to build the church. It was wonderful to see how much the congregation had grown in such a short length of time! It was even more wonderful to be a part of spreading the love of Christ to all Nations! Including our own!

Mexico 2008
The Gibson's and the Blanton's traveled to Mexico on a mission trip. We were able to take all our children to let them see and be a part of missions first hand.

End of Summer/Going Away Party
It's that time of year again.  The kids are all going back to school, and a few are actually going away to college.  We had a Cook Out at church to wish them all well.


Export Bible College Visits BEC in 2008!
The Ozark Bible College Choir came to BEC. They were truly wonderful and on fire for God. We were once again amazed at the wonderful work that God is doing in their lives. What a blessing!!!

Camp Meeting in Lynn Haven Florida
Camp Meeting in Lynn Haven, FL, was wonderful this year. Several of our church members traveled to Florida for the annual camp meeting, and as always the Lord moved so wonderfully in every service. Bro. Don Shoots, the pastor of Central Pentecostal Ministries hosted the camp meeting. Bro. BH Clendennen started the week out Tuesday morning with The Governing Law of Divine Life. Tuesday night Pastor Don Shoots preached But...This Time. Wednesday morning Pastor Duke Downs preached, School Of Faith, and Wednesday night Bro. BH Clendennen preached Ascension and Translation. On the last day of camp meeting Pastor Don Shoots preached To Please God, and that night Pastor Duke Downs preached Who Can God Trust.

Men's Breakfast May 2008
What a great time of fellowship and not to mention the great food! Daniel and Mortan were great cooks!

Christmas Program 2007
The youngest members of our congregation delighted us all with their rendition of the Christmas Story.  Also included are pictures of Sis. Joyce Sulfridges 60th birthday.

Ozark Bible College Choir visits BEC
On April 29th 2007, the Ozark Bible College Choir came to BEC. They were truly a talented group and on fire for God.

FGMA Camp Meeting 2007
The Full Gospel Ministerial Association of America held their annual Camp Meeting at B.E.C. June 11-15. Varying ministers preached the 2:00 pm service. Bro. Duke Downs, from Chino, California preached the night services.

Daniel In The Lions Den
Our kids did a fabulous job in their rendition of Daniel In The Lions Den.

Export Bible College Students
In December of 2006 several members of Export Bible College performed a Christmas Play right here at BEC. In the Spring of 2007 several of the young minsters returned for a three day revival. These young people are anointed men and women of God! We were all very impressed with their knowledge of the word and their dedication to Christ.

Pastor Jeff's Trip to India
Bro. Jeff went to India with the School of Christ.

Harvest Festival 2006
We had a wonderful time of fun, and fellowship in the fall of 2006. As an alternative to celebrating Halloween we try to get our kids together every year to celebrate God and His goodness. The kids get all dressed up and play games, eat lots of good food, and have a blast.

Fall Camp Meeting 2007
The Rev. B.H. Clendennen was at B.E.C . for a week of the School Of Christ, in November.  He delivered powerful, thought provoking messages every morning and every night concerning the end times.

SOYC Youth Camp 2007
Several of our youth, along with several from Tates Creek Holiness Church teamed up to go to Southern Ohio Youth Camp this year. At last count 25 young people (at least six of them from our group) received the Holy Ghost during camp this year. God is so Good!!!!

Pastor Appreciation 2006
Fall of 2006 we had our annual Pastor Appreciation Service in honor of our wonderful pastor and his lovely wife. There was lots of food, fun, and fellowship. Thank you Pastor Jeff and Sis. Sherry for everything you do! We love you!

Africa Fall of 2006
Bro. Mickey Bowling and Bro. Eddie Blanton traveled to Uganda, Africa to teach the School of Christ to several African Pastors and Evangelist from all over Uganda.

Mexico Fall of 2006
Pastor Jeff Osborne, Bro. Eddie Blanton, and Bro. Robert Hill traveled to Mexico to teach a week of the School of Christ to several Mexican pastors and evangelist.